Praying for Wife

Praying For Her

As a Christian husband, you would readily give your life to protect your wife. If someone were to break into your house late at night, you would do whatever it takes to keep your wife out of harm’s way.  Yet every day, Satan implements a plan to destroy your wife. The Bible says he comes to kill, steal and destroy. Whether you like it or not, your wife is in the cross hairs of the kingdom of darkness.  In addition, your wife needs your spiritual covering and encouragement. God expects you to set the spiritual tempo in your relationship. She needs your encouragement to be all that God has for her.

We know we should be praying for our wives, but how?  How many times have you sat in church or gone to a men’s meeting and made a commitment to pray for your wife? You raised your hand or signed a card, but it seemed within just a few days you had failed.

      • You forgot to pray.
      • You got distracted.
      • You prayed the same thing every day, so you stopped.

What might happen if you committed to pray for your wife for the next 31 days? 

Take the “Praying for Her” challenge.

In Praying for Her you are going to:

  • Learn how to pray for your wife every day for 31 days.
  • Pray 31 different scriptures for your wife.
  • Be reminded via e-mail to pray for your wife every day.
  • Receive 31 sample prayers to help get you started.

Praying For Her

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